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Senior Living Transformation Summit

Leverage technology and innovation to prepare for the ‘new normal’

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Virtual Summit
22-31 March, 2021

“We heard about this through an industry vendor/ partner of ours and it did not disappoint. It was great for collaboration and intimate conversation, it was well worth the trip. It is great to have a conference dedicated to technology in the SH sector" Evan Kuo, Director of Sales, Sherpa CRM || Do you have a solution for senior living operators or home care providers that you would like to showcase?

“It was really nice to hear others talk about their strategies and what they are doing in their companies to use technology to better enhance the resident experience at the community level. Events like this give me hope that we will be able to overcome some of the current challenges by working together as an industry and sharing our ideas and experiences.”

Jason Tijsseling Vice President - Information Technology, Leisure care

Why Attend

In the past many senior care and housing providers have not had the risk appetite to drive digital transformation and adopt new technologies within their business. The pandemic has forced the hand of many risk adverse boards and executives to see the business-critical role technology, and the data it generates can play in facing this monumental disruption to normal operating models.

Now is the time for senior care executives to take a step back, assess what technology is right for their current and future business needs and build a strategic roadmap for how to get there.

The Senior Living Transformation:Technology Leaders virtual series will provide you with  practical workshops, interactive roundtables and executive panels. Each individual session has been designed in response to feedback from the leaders in the senior care industry.

This March we will be tackling how to:

  • Determine the right connectivity and infrastructure required to adapt to the ‘new normal’
  • Implement and maximize resident experience technology
  • Leverage sales and marketing technology & lead digital transformation
  • Build and execute an IT roadmap and strategy
  • Pilot and implement a successful innovation and technology pilot program  

This series is perfect for executives ready to build and execute a strategic IT roadmap at their organization and who are determining the priority areas for their budget.

Many C-level executives are turning their attention to digital transformation as the pandemic has only accelerated the need for integrated technology that can evolve with the business as it goes through monumental disruption.

Holiday Retirement, the largest provider of independent living in the US, has set itself apart as a thought leader and industry trailblazer in this area, making investments into resident experience technology that will deliver new and important value to their residents, staff and business.

In this conversation, Shawn Richard, Vice President of Resident Experience at Holiday Retirement, and Geert Houben, CEO of Cubigo, share with us the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing a legacy organization into the digital era. 

Join us to unpack:

  1. The drivers and benefits to the resident, family and business of investing in an integrated resident experience platform
  2. The vision for Holiday Retirement to grow as an organization with data and information (business intelligence) at the core
  3. What the data-driven movement means for the entire senior care industry
  4. The importance of effective change management in leading a digital transformation


As part of the two weeks of content, registered attendees will get access to our intuitive networking platform which allows you to organize 1:1 and group networking sessions any time that suits from the 22nd – 31st March 2021.

Get Involved!

After each panel or roundtable there will be breakout opportunities to discuss each topic with your peers. Workshops are also interactive, giving you the chance to ask questions, engage with the facilitators and create meaningful learnings and actions from the experience.


Day One – Monday 22 March 12.30 -14.00 EST


Following the panel discussion make the most of the opportunity to share your views and challenges with your peers as we break out into smaller round table discussion groups for 30 minutes.


Day Two – Tuesday 23 March 12.30 -14.00 EST

Sponsored by TSO Life

Innovative senior living organizations, like Benchmark and Watermark Senior Living, are discovering how technology can improve the care experience for residents, families, and staff. In the midst of the pandemic, technology became an essential tool to ensure critical factors like safety, wellness, social connection were maintained.

But any great transformation comes with its hurdles. In this session leading operators and innovators will unpack what needs to happen for senior living to truly maximize the technology transformation ahead and will troubleshoot the biggest roadblocks to success for operators such as:

  • Overcoming technology fears by building the business case for resident experience investment
  • Understanding what data can be collected to understand and improve a resident’s quality of life
  • Navigating implementation challenges to ensure roll out success

Learn about these essential tools to maximize resident experience technology:

  • Define your desired business goals and map a strategy to get there
  • Measure the ROI of investing in resident experience
  • Take a person-centred approach to programming
  • Reimagine social connectivity to tackle social isolation
  • Connect IT with the business to ensure successful adoption

Following the panel discussion make the most of the opportunity to share your views and challenges with your peers as we break out into smaller round table discussion groups for 30 minutes.


David Sawyer, CEO/Founder, TSO Life

Sara Kyle, Founder, LE3 Solutions

Kelly Stranburg, Principal, LE3 Solutions


Day Three – Wednesday 24 March 12.30 - 14.00 EST

Sponsored by Sherpa 

Following this session make the most of the opportunity to share your views and challenges with your peers as we break out into smaller round table discussion groups for 30 minutes.

Sales is hard work, especially when you are selling senior living. But an effective sales strategy is vital for a thriving community. How can we be more effective at converting our prospects to residents, even during the pandemic? What are some of the tools and strategies that can help us along the way?

What you will learn:

  • Why focusing on the prospect (not the product) will ultimately lead to more move-ins
  • The difference between marketing and selling: Cultivating your existing leads will increase sales conversions
  • The importance of investing in direct selling time and how to use that time, with data from best performers
  • Redefining CRM as a system of engagement versus only a data recording tool

Following this session make the most of the opportunity to share your views and challenges with your peers as we break out into smaller round table discussion groups for 30 minutes.


Alexandra Fisher,  Co-founder & President, Sherpa


Who should attend?

Senior living providers from:

  • Assisted Living, Independent Living
  • Residential Care
  • Nursing Care & Homes
  • Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

with job titles of:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer

Senior Vice President/ Vice President / Director/ Head of:

  • Information Technology
  • Technology
  • Emerging Technology
  • End-User Technology     
  • IT Infrastructure / Systems
  • IT Products
  • Innovation & Strategy
  • IT Security
  • Information Security / Cyber Security
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence/ data analytics
  • Data Governance/ Data Management

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